Domino Simpsons

The domino simpsons is kind of pop culture ..
the same thing become pop art again and again..


How popluar culture making people smarter

I watched the video ,did some research about this person ,Steven .He wrote a book called”Everything bad is good for you”,and I think the tile is really interesting and worth to think about it . To be honest ,I have no idea about pop culture .In fact, I even want to ask -“What is pop culture ?”I checked the definition on wikipedia ,but the answer is quite general.So, I also read  a lot of article and people ‘s comment about pop culture .Sum up their idea ,it seems like that pop culture is everything in our daily life , For example media,fashion ,entertainment or art.Back to the main point ,how is popular culture making people smarter ,I really have no idea about it .I m sorry about it ,but I ‘ll do more research and read more article or watch videos to understand it .